CRI Swims Alcatraz

Join CRI on October 16, as we swim from Alcatraz to the San Francisco Marina

Each year the staff and friends of Community Resource Initiative (CRI) brave frigid ocean waters to swim from Alcatraz to the San Francisco Marina. 

Alcatraz Island is known for the notorious federal prison built on its shore. Prison operators believed Alcatraz to be inescapable due to its cold waters and strong currents. Now inoperative, the prison stands as a symbol of extreme punishment within our society. 

Community Resource Initiative swims each year to raise awareness of the inefficacy of our prison systems and the dehumanizing nature of extreme sentencing.

We raise money to support our programs for children and families who have an incarcerated loved one and to repair the harm the prison system has caused to our community. Community Resource Initiative works to connect the island to the shore.

The Alcatraz Swim money enables Community Resource Initiative to purchase books for young readers and offer opportunities for children to study music with a team of talented and caring teachers. Gifts to Community Resource Initiative also support film, painting, and storytelling that inspires our community to facilitate safety, growth, and resilience for some of our most vulnerable children.

On October 16, friends, family and staff members of Community Resource Initiative are taking to the water again.

This year, we hope to raise funds to reach our goal of $300,000 by December 31, to continue building upon our programs for children and families. Please join us in breaking the cycles of incarceration by making a gift today.

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Help us end the death penalty and repair its harm on our communities.
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